How many football players dream of attacking cities and villages on the court, winning glory for their country, crowning laurels and wearing glory. However, after the award ceremony of the 29th evening of the Panda Cup International Youth Football Championship, a Korean player expressed his disgusting attitude towards the honor by stepping on the cup.

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South Korean U18 players stepping on the trophy caused a great uproar

Sports matches are always accompanied by wins and losses, followed by loneliness and ecstasy, saying that the Korean player is young and vigorous, or even proud and forgetful, can not change a basic fact, that is, his behavior violates sports ethics, abandons sports spirit, and breaks through the emotional bottom line of the majority of fans. He stepped on not only the trophy, but also his sportsmanship and professionalism.

In and out of the stadium, morality is always above winning or losing. Violators are bound to be condemned and despised.

South Korean team apologizes publicly

I believe it is also aware of this, the Korean team returned to the hotel in the early morning of the 30th, immediately held a news briefing, team member Park Kyu-hyun and coach and all members of the team made a public apology to the media and the public, and the Korean Football Association later sent an apology letter to the organizing committee. The Chinese Football Association condemned the non-sporting ethics of Korean players and reported this to the Asian Football Association.

There is a voice on the Internet about this: "If you fall behind, you will be beaten. If you lose the ball, you should be insulted by others." This statement is actually unfair to young Chinese. There is no logical connection between losing and being humiliated. There is always one who loses in sports competitions. Should losing be humiliated? If you win, you can do whatever you want.

South Korean leaders and coaches apologize again the next day

But it should also be noted that the reason why this Korean player has such behavior, its psychological starting point is for the Chinese men's football U18 team and even the whole Chinese football disdain. In the Panda Cup, the Chinese men's football team U18 won all three matches and failed to score a goal, while the Korean men's football team U18 won all three matches and won the championship. From this point of view, Korean players not only step on the foot of the trophy, not only sports ethics, but also respect for Chinese football.

Mutual respect is a basic connotation of sports, but apologies from the other side can not win respect, young people need to use their strength to prove themselves. After all, to say the least, there could have been an option that would have been more popular with fans: if Chinese players had won the cup, would their opponents still have the chance to do so?

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