The NBA regular season continued on November 26, Beijing time. The Lakers played Magic at home, and the team ended up 104-108. At the last critical moment, James's choice of two attacks was somewhat elusive.

In the last two minutes and 24 seconds, James went to the free throw line and scored two free throws to help the team equalize the score. In fact, it was because he scored 10 points in a row and led the Lakers to equalize the score with his own strength. But James's two last-minute choices were questionable.

Finally, there is 1 minute 34 seconds to encounter the folder, points to the top of the arc of Pop, Pop finally three-point shot does not enter, and another time is in 50 seconds, James dribbled the last time to choose three-point shot, and finally hit the iron.

The Lakers had a chance to win the game in the last minute, but they didn't score in the last two minutes. James had problems handling the ball. Especially the last 50 seconds, when the two sides drew, why did they choose the three points with a low shooting percentage instead of the breakthrough with a higher grasp?

If James hadn't chosen to shoot three points, but went to the penalty area like before, maybe the result would be a little different today, and after the three-point iron, the Lakers'defense showed slack, allowing Magic to score two points and lock in the win.

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