So far this season, Gordon has been one of the most accountable players in the Rockets. Before the game, he played 14 games, five starts, averaging 32.1 minutes, scoring only 13.9 points, the second lowest in his career; the total shooting rate (32.4%) and the three-point shooting rate (24.3%) were the worst in his career. In the "light bulb combination" partner backcourt start, and Gordon commanded the backup, the Rockets'backup score actually accompanied the last seat in the league, no wonder Gordon will incur criticism, and be involved in trade rumors. "Jimmy Butler has already taken root in Philadelphia. Why is Gordon still in his soul?"

Gordon also has a sober understanding of this, previously said that the season will not be so depressed, but this statement can not hide the embarrassing fact that he has 12 shooting percentage in 13 games fell below 40%. However, coach Mike D'Antoni can be described as "no doubt about employing people". After taking Paul's turn, he pushed Gordon back to the starting line-up.

Overall, Gordon's offensive performance today is a reward for D'Antoni's trust. He cut 28 points to break the season scoring record, which was 23 points against the Spurs on November 11. And he hit 50% for the first time since the Pelican game on October 18. At a time when the Rockets lacked Paul, the second holding point, and when the home team focused on cutting off the Rockets'internal and external links, and the backup firepower was still scarce, Gordon went all out to fight the strongest offensive battle of the season.

As can be seen from the third quarter of the game, Gordon temporarily took over the firepower, which gave Harden a rare breathing opportunity, and his last three points were four feats. Unfortunately, Gordon is not enough for the rocket. Around Thanksgiving, when defense assistant Jeff Buzdrick returned, the rocket's defense flashed a red light again, continuing this season's offensive and defensive "push the gourd and float the ladle". In this scene, rocket soldier defensive pressure is insufficient, the other side has been trained to feel, and finally forced to swallow the bitter fruit.

The defeat of Cleveland ushered in Gordon's resurrection, and the Rockets were happy and worried. It remains to be seen whether the game will be a watershed for Gordon this season.

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