Yesterday's Rockets in Detroit went through an overtime battle. Before today's game, they announced that Paul was in charge of the rest of the round. Nevertheless, there were still ten players on the Rockets'roster. In the first half, Deutsche also sent nine players to play, including Mikawi, who scored five points in four minutes.

However, due to back-to-back reasons, the main rocket in the defensive side appears to be heavy footsteps, even by young Knights hit the basket, grabbed the front rebound to complete the second attack. So the Rockets have been lagging behind in the first quarter, except for the lead in the first quarter. The conservatism of the German coach's personnel policy was evident at this time. In the first half, he also allowed Mikawi and Haltenstein to play for a few minutes, but in the second half, he abandoned them directly and returned to the seven-man rotation. Several main players'playing time approached 40 minutes one after another, and their vigor on the defensive side declined further. The Cavaliers'20-7 lead in offensive rebounds is the best example.

In the case of back-to-back away game, especially in the previous game when extra time was played, D'Antoni's employing strategy on the field is really questionable. When the main force's vitality declines significantly, can we also consider using a new person sitting on the bench, even if it is to give the main players breath rather than further increase their presence? What about time? To know that in the regular season so strong use of the main force, and in the playoffs when players overdraft collapse is not uncommon, whether the German coach should think about the employment, do not let this problem in the hope of repeating the rocket to the championship.

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