For the ladder. If you can practise the Five Commandments and do ten good deeds, you will be blessed. It can also be a ladder to prove the birth of Saint Fruit. In the practice of Buddhism and meditation, one can get the blessings of heaven. It is also a ladder to increase the occurrence of Seedless species. All the precepts established by the old man's heaven can be regarded as the steps of birth sainthood, while those with saintly caste can also be regarded as the steps of man's law of heaven.


Four. Born three times.

The real way to become a saint is to follow the triple multiplication of the world and get rid of the trouble in the circle of industry and life without beginning circulation. That is to say, to be born is to break off the trouble. When troubles break down, there is a leak in business, and when business breaks down, life dies, that is to say, birth comes into being. Birth three rides, still three rides. All three kinds of vehicles can achieve the freedom of life and death. They are the so-called triple multiplication of birth and death. They are all based on Buddhist Dharma. They can be understood differently according to different castes, practise their actions and achieve the fruits of the world. The highest fruit of Bodhisattva is Buddha. This is the way of sanctification. This Tao is composed of Arohan, Pizhi Buddha and Buddha.

Previously, all of the methods are based on reason. They are based on seed cause and increase the upper edge. Therefore, they are based on reason. They are interesting in the same trade and circle, and they are based on reason. The first two articles refer to the law of alienation, the third to the common law and the fourth to the Holy law. The first one is no beginning circulation, and the second one is industry and interest, which are worldly laws. Article 3 Aliens and saints refer to the law from the world to the world. Article 4 is devoted to the Holy Way. It is always the law of reason. Although the way of birth must also have "species" as the reason, and Buddha's teachings as the reason. Therefore, the holy fruit of Buddha's teachings is still the law of reason.

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