The Houston Rockets lost 108-117 to the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 2 back-to-back away from home on November 25, Beijing time. Clint Capella also lost his recent supernatural performance. He played 40 minutes, only 4-4, 4-4 free throws, 12 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 blocked shots. Tristan Thompson overwhelmed him.

In the second quarter of the game, Jonathan Fegan of the Houston Chronicle wrote: "Capella scored 20 + in three games. In the last two games, he scored a season high of 27 points, then immediately set a new record and scored 29 points. And tonight, the game lasted 13 minutes, but his shot was zero.

No wonder Fagan was "surprised and puzzled". It wasn't until 4:54 seconds in the second quarter that Capella got his first shot. He struggled to recover the Fast-out ball under the basket, forged a foul by Larry Nans Jr. and scored for the first time in two penalties. Four minutes and thirteen seconds, Harden eased the ape arm, Capella understood that he would complete the empty button, thought he would start this situation, but it was unexpected that such a scene in this scene will be so ungrateful.

The reason is that the Knight dismounted the rocket at the beginning of the game, resulting in four errors in Harden's serial delivery, which cut off the connection between the two. Harden's first mistake on the pitch was to be blocked by David Nouaba directly as a volleyball when he was transporting the ball to the interior line. Then Harden switched to the offensive mode, three points, backstroke and breakthrough hand to capture, only Capella on the side of the anxious stare.

It can be said that although the Cavaliers still have the lowest defensive efficiency since the start of the season, and let the "Dengden Group" seize the occasion of single defense to cut 68 points, but in terms of cutting off the Rockets'internal and external links and restricting other role players, the Cavaliers' defensive choice should be remembered. Of course, Chris Paul's rotation and Eric Gordon's lack of time left the rocket's assisting task too focused on Harden, which also contributed to the sharp decline of Capella's offensive participatio

There are few opportunities on the offensive side and Capella on the defensive side has become a breakthrough for the opponents. Although he shot at least three blocked shots in Game 4, Thompson (16 points, 22 rebounds, 9 offensive rebounds) was defeated in opposition and was "eaten raw" by his opponent's small guard when he was pulled to a high position. And in the first two scenes against the piston towers, Capella was fearless, and cut off the second "double 20" of her career yesterday, but no one expected that she could not get the two towers, but could not suppress a TT.

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