There are several kinds of them. They are Arohan. Arohan is the fruit of three times. Those who are wise in law need not have wisdom in law. Where there is law and wisdom, there must be life and wisdom. This can be a barrier to the rule of law. Mahayana saints, that is to say, break this barrier and give birth to this wisdom. In the final analysis, Buddha's fruit is evidenced.


Troubles are easy to know, knowledgeable obstacles are difficult to understand, and errors are always easy to make. Knowing is not knowledge, but knowledge. That is to say, we can all know the state of the law. Whether or not we have been confused, we can not know, so that we can not know. To remove this barrier is to prove the Buddha's fruit and the truth of the various Dharmas. Life empty wisdom is partial wisdom, law empty wisdom is round wisdom. There is a difference between the circle and the depth. There are four fruits in Mahayana, ten places in Mahayana and Buddha's land, all of which are caused by the fact that the wisdom of being able to judge is rather round, shallow and deep.

That is to say, the caste. 3. The caste of Yuanjue is said to be the one who hears that the twelve Buddhas are due to their origins, or who does not need to hear the Buddha's sayings to obtain Taoist fruits. 4. The Bodhisattva caste is the one who can develop the heart of Buddha without hearing about Buddha's Dharma or Buddha's sayings. 5. The indefinite caste is the indefinite caste. The caste of a Bodhisattva is uncertain. Therefore, there is such a difference between seeds in Alaiye's consciousness, either the birth of seed heart can not occur, or the birth of seed heart can occur. There are few people who get the Sacred Heart by listening to Buddhist Dharma, or they can only develop confidence, cultivate good karma and get good results. They can not get the Buddhist Dharma reality, but reach the Nirvana of the world. Speaking of caste categories.

The achievements of the various castes are as follows: 1. There is a hidden sense of such a caste from the beginning; 2. The seeds are acquired from the knowledge of Buddhist law. It is based on the different castes of affection.

Two, Buddhism increases.

Such surnames should still be added to the upper margin according to Buddhist law before they occur. There are seeds of grass and trees in Utah. Rain, dew and sunshine are necessary to increase the upper edge. The same is true in Buddhist law. If there is no caste of birth, the blessing will be repaid; if there are three castes of birth, the wisdom will be acquired when they see the Buddhist sayings; and if they are uncertain, they will grow according to the method of multiplying what they heard first. It is said that Fayu and so on.

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