On November 24, Beijing time, the Bucks lost at home to the Sun 114-116. Bucks'starting center Brook Lopez scored 12-0 of the three-point goal, breaking a three-point record held by Stephen Coory.

Before today, the NBA record of failing to hit three consecutive shots in a single game was 10 of 11 shots, held by Stephen Cooley, Anthony Walker and Trey Burke.

However, in today's Bucks home defeat to the Sun, the Bucks'starting center Brook Lopez made only three of 17 shots and scored seven points from 12-0 three-point shots.

In recent years, Dallow has gradually become a space center, and his three-point goal is becoming more and more threatening. This season, Bucks coach Boden Holzer has encouraged players to shoot more three points, including starting center Dallow, but Dallow is too iron outside the three-point line today.

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