The Los Angeles Lakers beat Utah Jazz 90-83 at home, and the Lakers won three consecutive wins. Although they won at home, the Lakers still have a lot of worries. One of their hidden dangers is their mistakes. They have to control the error rate.

Jazz deserves to be one of the league's strong defensive teams. They have destroyed the Lakers'game rhythm very well. As a result, the Lakers' offense was fragmented in the game. The Lakers have only 10 assists and 23 mistakes in this game. If the poor assists are worse than you can hardly believe it's a team with LeBron James.

In fact, if you look at the first three quarters of the game, the Lakers'offensive situation is worse. At the end of the third quarter, the Lakers had only six assists and 21 mistakes.

As the team leader, James made five mistakes, and two other young stars, Brandon Ingram and Longzo Bauer, made six and four mistakes respectively. These three are the starting points of the Lakers'offense. They need to be more focused on the ball and have to reduce the error rate.

In addition to these stars, the Lakers'other players are not good at error control.

One minute and 30 seconds after the start of the fourth quarter, the Lakers won an excellent fast break, but Cadwell Popper could only pass the ball back to James without breaking through the singles, but his pass was not in place. James failed to catch the ball under the defensive interference, and the Lakers squandered an excellent scoring opportunity.

The Lakers are ranked sixth to last in the league with 15.8 errors per game this season, and they are one of the league's teams with the most errors per game. In teams with more mistakes than the Lakers, in addition to Philadelphia's 76-man record, the Heat, Rangers, Suns and the Eagles rank lower, which also reminds the Lakers that if they want to really rank among the top teams, they must reduce the error rate.

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